Athens Dust Bowl: Drought Awareness and Benefit Concert

Local Musicians Sing Woody Guthrie’s Dust Bowl Ballads and Originals

Tuesday, November 27, Athens, GA

40 Watt and Flicker – Two Stages!

FREE ($5 suggested donation)

Doors open at 7pm

In 1940, Woody Guthrie recorded Dust Bowl Ballads, an album about the struggles of common people during the great dust bowl. The album echoes themes of environmental degradation, economic hardship, and social activism. Today, northeast Georgia finds itself in the midst of a drought with serious environmental and social implications. On November 27, we will be holding a special one-night event to raise money for and awareness of water conservation issues, featuring local artists performing Dust Bowl Ballads and original songs.

Come hear local music and help conserve our dwindling water resources!

Performance Schedule

Flicker 40 Watt

7:30-8:00- Nathan Shepard

8:15-8:45- The Kellys

9:00-9:30- Don Auber

9:45-10:15- Tommy Jordan

10:30-11:00- Timber

11:15-12:00- The Bros. Marler 7:30-8:00- Ricky Fitzpatrick

8:15-8:45- The Corduroy Road

9:00-9:30- Adam Reddick

9:45-10:15- Box of Nails

10:30-11:00-hope for Agoldensummer

11:15-11:45- Sursie

12:00-12:30- Smokestack & the Foothill Fury

Sponsored by the Georgia River Network, R.E.M., and dreamLab Recording.

Athens-Clarke County will be giving away a limited number of water conservation kits at the concert. Donations will go to local conservation organizations to help install low-flow showerheads and aerators in low-income households in Athens. Representatives of the Georgia State Climatologists Office, the Georgia River Network, and the Upper Oconee Watershed Network will be present with information on the drought and water conservation. For more information, please visit our website at sandworms.org.