Ice Station Vadsø‬ Recap

Since returning from Norway last week, Peter, Mike and Bertis and some at HQ keep being asked: “What were they doing up there/what was that festival about!?” Well, here goes: now that we’ve had a few days to reflect on that amazing time last week at ‪#‎IceStationVadsø‬—the music, the scenery, and the generous people of Finnmark—we want to express our gratitude to Michèle Noach, the festival’s prime mover and shaker who pulled together an unforgettable experience in the unlikely location inside the Arctic Circle, as part of her artist residency ((Visit http://www.artcop21.com/ for more info on Michèle’s residency).

Michèle is an artist from London who’s been a friend of the guys for many years. She’s worked in the Arctic on various climate-related projects for over a decade and as the festival’s name attests… her primary focus is ICE. Long after the last note of music rang out this past week in Vadsø, Michèle will continue pursuing her work in Finnmark, studying the environment, glaciers, and the impact of climate change.

Big Thanks to Michèle and to everyone else who was involved with the festival.

Video of “(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville”: http://bit.ly/1NI8YYx

Photos: Torgrim Halvari & Michèle Noach

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