Tablet Looks at Some of the Band’s Favorite Hotels

We recently read that Les Ban Douches, the totally underground (and in fact subterranean) rock club where R.E.M. played its first-ever show on the European continent, had become a swanky boutique hotel. That got us to thinking about some of the hotels the guys stayed in once they started spending lots of time in Europe … Continued

A Long Delayed Postcard from the Road (June 1999 Revisited)

A long delayed Postcard From the Road: Twenty five years ago right now, R.E.M. and Wilco were in London, touring behind UP for R.E.M. and Wilco’s Summerteeth. This one was the second of two nights at the fabled Earls Court, a massive historic arena that seemed like a hundred years old (it wasn’t, built 1935, … Continued

Glastonbury ’99 Playlist Celebrates 25th Anniversary

“I think it was maybe a moment for R.E.M. and the UK where we had kind of been forgotten or pushed aside by younger bands, and that was a particular moment at Glastonbury where I think we pulled ourselves back to the front of the line and actually proved, this is what we’re capable of. … Continued

The Singers Talk Podcast Featuring Michael

Check out episode 009 of The Singers Talk as Michael and host Jason Thomas Gordon discuss the many facets of being a vocalist. It’s a fascinating conversation… Listen Here.