One Week Out from New Adventures Reissue

We’re right at a week away from the New Adventures in Hi-Fi 25th anniversary release dropping!! The digital album and vinyl reissue will be available worldwide on October 29th.

“New Test Leper” in Hi-Def

The official video for New Adventures In Hi-Fi track “New Test Leper” has been restored in high-definition.  The video is available to watch on YouTube and at UPROXX who premiered the newly remastered clip today. 

Jacobin Mag Interviews Michael

“I consider myself a democratic socialist. I’m certainly far more radical than the Democratic Party. But I’m a member of the Democratic Party simply so I can vote in primaries. That is the only reason my name is associated with them.” – Michael Stipe Read Jacobin Magazine’s interview with Michael and find out about his … Continued

Remembering Tom Gray

We were all saddened to learn of Tom Gray’s passing this past weekend. For those who weren’t familiar with Tom’s work, he was the lead singer and keyboardist of Atlanta’s The Brains who R.E.M. supported on a couple of occasions in the early days

Michael Discusses the VU’s Impact (LA Times)

“For all of us in R.E.M., the Velvets were one of the most significant musical moments in American history.” – Michael In an article published today by the LA Times, Michael talks about the indelible impression the Velvet Underground made on him as a teenager as well as the influence Lou Reed’s groundbreaking band had … Continued

Michael’s Q&A with BlackBirdSpyplane

“I was writing a lot before the pandemic, which kind of put things on hold, but now I’m back at it. It’s different, writing the music myself, rather than having Peter, Mike and Bill write it for me. But I’ve been working with a great singer-songwriter named Andy LeMaster, and having a really fun time. … Continued

New Adventures In Hi-Def

As the latest installment in New Adventures in Hi-Def, the official music video for band favorite track “How The West Was Won and Where It Got Us” has been newly remastered! 

Watch Mike & Bertis on the Walker Webcast (YouTube)

Mike & Bertis were guests on the Walker Webcast earlier this week where they talked with host Willy Walker about the band’s “journey from Athens, Georgia to the world stage, building a business and iconic brand, the inspiration behind various hit songs, and much more.” Watch the in-depth, fascinating conversation on the Walker and Dunlop YouTube … Continued

Mike & Bertis on the Walker Webcast Wednesday

In January of 1992, in between the release of Out Of Time and the recording of Automatic For The People, the band visited Paraguay with some friends and colleagues to check out some of the work being done to preserve natural lands hunted by indigenous Aché people.

“Michael Stipe is Present”: The Bitter Southerner Cover Story

Check the latest cover story at The Bitter Southerner, Issue No 2.  In “Michael Stipe is Present,” Michael and writer David Peisner meet up to talk about Michael’s life as an artist, his new book and how he’s feeling about a lot of things these days.   Kyle Tibbs Jones of the magazine posted:   … Continued

Stream “Be Mine (Mike on Bus version)”

“Be Mine (Mike on Bus version)” is available to stream/download now! Taken from the upcoming 25th anniversary edition of New Adventures in Hi-Fi (releasing October 29), Mike reflects on this early demo recording “I think it’s actually better than the one on the record…. It had a lot more feeling and a lot more soul, … Continued