“The Inside Story of R.E.M.’s Early Recording Sessions”

In an outstanding article at Music Radar, producer Mitch Easter shares his in-depth knowledge from heading up the band’s early recording sessions: “They were really committed to that ethos too. They felt like there was a moral quality to getting your shit together fast. I mean they weren’t slapdash about it; they were picky, but … Continued

“Losing My Religion” as a Source for “Reentering”

Patti Smith’s new blog at Substack features an essay about the difficulty she feels (which many of us may share) of re-engaging with the day-to-day now that we’re all beginning to slowly but surely re-emerge from the pandemic. Anxieties still remain, Smith says, that continue to hold us back and tamp down our motivation to … Continued

New Music! Disposable #5 from The Baseball Project

They’re at it again! It’s Disposable #5 from The Baseball Project! Peter and Scott recorded this demo 80 years after Lou Gehrig’s death. An advance look at the long-awaited 4th BBP album? One can hope so!

Michael: Sinead O’Connor’s New Memoir “A Must-Read”

Michael highly recommends Sinead’s new memoir REMEMBERINGS published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Trade and available today (June 1). “ Her voice on the page is as fearless, riveting and unforgettable as her voice in song. The cadence alone is hypnotic, her story essential. Rememberings is a must-read.” — Michael Stipe Go here to order your … Continued

Rolling Stone Feature on “Radio Free Europe” Reissue

“It’s the ultimate rock and roll origin story: Four guys walk into a garage to bang out a record.” – Rob Sheffield In this in-depth look at the making of “Radio Free Europe” Rob Sheffield catches up with producer Mitch Easter who remembers “the debut single that changed the world in 1981,” now available in its … Continued

Stereogum Revisits Reveal on Its 20th Anniversary

“In a career lined with the long shadows of multiple iconic albums and cult favorites alike, Reveal just might be the most underrated album in a hallowed catalogue.” – Ryan Leas for Stereogum R.E.M.’s 12th studio album, produced by Pat McCarthy, was released on May 15, 2001. Ryan Leas of Stereogum takes a look back … Continued

A Conversation with Michael Stipe (Rockol Interview)

“I’m a very visual person and also music is extremely visual to me. Composing music is not easy, but writing to compose music is even more difficult. And still, looking to an image and listening to song are the same thing, to me. I see a landscape, music brings a visual image to my mind. … Continued

Read Michael’s Irish Times Interview

“My life’s work with music is intangible. It’s creativity that you cannot touch. And so making things that you can touch – a vase that you can hold, a book you can put it on the shelf, say – for me, that’s fascinating.” – Michael Stipe Read Michael’s interview with Miranda Sawyer in the Irish … Continued