Listen to Mike’s Interview with Braves Country

Check out Mike’s interview with the Braves Country Podcast crew as they talk music, baseball, golf, an upcoming special event for Mike’s foundation, and much more!


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Braves Country Podcast Episode 108: Mike Mills of R.E.M. – who famously sang “Don’t Go Back to Rockville” – has come BACK to the Braves Country Podcast! This time, Mike’s here to invite Braves Fans to his special autograph signing and baseball memorabilia event on Saturday April 27th at DUCKS Dugout in Marietta, GA!

Mike will sign R.E.M. records and guitars; and is offering his “Monster” baseball memorabilia collection to the public to raise funds for his Charitable Foundation…

So Tug Cowart and Scott Munn are excited to get all the details to you before we’re “Out of Time”!

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Mike Mills – welcome to Braves Country!