The No Ones To Headline Night One of Snow Station Vadsø 2024

A fresh update from Michèle Noach has just arrived from Vadsø, where the coolest, tiniest music festival high in the arctic, is running from March 14-16:

“The first night of Snow Station Vadsø headlines with The No Ones, which features Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey (R.E.M., Filthy Friends, Minus 5, Young Fresh Fellows) as well as two Norwegian players, Frode Strømstad and Arne Mathisen (from I Was A King).

The rest of the bill is pretty smoking, too. Elle Márjá Eira has formed a band called Snoweye with Lucy Parnell and John Paul Jones, after playing at the first Station festival. Here she plays with her partner Morten, performing Sámi joiks.
Lenny Kaye is of course legendary and needs no intro, just celebration.

The Finnmarx Brothers are four local players, Frank Mosand, Willy Pedersen, Robert Lundgren, Torfinn Strømsmo and the fifth player is Fritz Catlin from 23 Skidoo and Laibach.

Then the dreamy superduo, Vicki Peterson of the Bangles and John Cowsill of the Cowsills and latter-day Beach Boys.
And the DJ set is by Deke Eichler, whose parents ran the historic Hope & Anchor pub in London, which pretty much midwifed the transition from pub rock to punk and everything that came out of that. Deke grew up in that radical, fertile crucible and is our DJ for the whole festival.”

The bill that night is:

The No Ones
Elle Márjá Eira and Morten Pettersen
Lenny Kaye
Finnmarx Brothers
Vicki Person & John Cowsill
DJ Deke

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