Listen to Bertis’s Conversation on the Super Swell Podcast

On April 5, 2024, @bertisdowns spoke “In Conversation” with Alex Maiolo on stage at the Tallinn Music Week conference in Tallinn, Estonia 🇪🇪

Click here to listen to this fascinating discussion about recording, touring, and the ethos that guided the band’s business decisions and how “R.E.M.’s strategic decisions inspired a generation of artists like Radiohead, The National, and Coldplay to forge ahead with their own ambitious plans towards worldwide success.”

EP12 of The SuperSwell Podcast is a special presentation of an In Conversation interview with none other than Bertis Downs – advisor to R.E.M. and all round super swell guy.
Bertis is expertly guided through the conversation by our good friend Alex Maiolo.

The exchange took place during the Tallinn Music Week conference and delved into some of Bertis’ razor-sharp memories of working with the band from humble beginnings to global stardom. He talks about recording, touring, and perhaps most interestingly, about the crucial business decisions made by the group, retaining their vision, integrity, and control along the way and giving helpful guidance to other artists following in their path. It’s a fantastic listen.

Find the link in our bio or via the superswell.com