R.E.M. Live At the Olympia

  1. Living Well is the Best Revenge
  2. Second Guessing
  3. Letter Never Sent
  4. Staring Down the Barrel of the Middle Distance
  5. Disturbance at the Heron House
  6. Mr. Richards
  7. Houston
  8. New Test Leper
  9. Cuyahoga
  10. Electrolite
  11. Man-Sized Wreath
  12. So. Central Rain
  13. On The Fly
  14. Maps and Legends
  15. Sitting Still
  16. Driver 8
  17. Horse To Water
  18. I'm Gonna DJ
  19. Circus Envy
  20. These Days
  21. Drive
  22. Feeling Gravitys Pull
  23. Until the Day is Done
  24. Accelerate
  25. Auctioneer
  26. Little America
  27. 1,000,000
  28. Disguised
  29. The Worst Joke Ever
  30. Welcome to the Occupation
  31. Carnival of Sorts (box cars)
  32. Harborcoat
  33. Wolves, Lower
  34. I've Been High
  35. Kahoutek
  36. West of the Fields
  37. Pretty Persuasion
  38. Romance
  39. Gardening at Night


Bonus Edition contains the DVD This Is Not A Show

Produced by Jacknife Lee and R.E.M.
Recorded by Tom McFall and Jacknife Lee
Mixed by Jacknife Lee and Sam Bell
Mastered by Steve Marcussen, Marcussen Mastering

Peter Buck: guitars
Mike Mills: bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Michael Stipe: vocals

Supporting Musicians:
Scott McCaughey: guitars, backing vocals
Bill Rieflin: drums

FOH Engineer: Joe O’Herlihy
Monitors: Paul Mini Moore
Backline: DeWitt Burton & Bob Weber
Stage Manager: John “Shoes” Brogan
Local Production: Eamonn Ryan
Tour Manager: Bob Whittaker

R.E.M. Office: Kevin O’Neil, Sarah Petit Frierson,
Chris Bilheimer, Mercer Brockenbrough Davis,
David Bell, Amy Hairston

A&R: David May, Lisa Nupoff
Booking Agent: Bob Gold, Gold Artists Agency
Accounting: Tom Scott, Trinity Accounting Group
Legal: Gregg Harrison, Don Passman & Helen Stotler,
Gang, Tyre, Ramer and Brown
Art Direction: Chris Bilheimer & Michael Stipe

To Denis Desmond, MCD, our grateful appreciation.
Special thanks to all the good people at the Olympia Theatre.

Advisor: Bertis Downs