12th Annual Daniel Pearl World Music Days – October 1st – 31st, 2013

“Together with a diverse group of Honorary Committee artists, we celebrate and support the Foundation’s mission of using the power of music to promote cross-cultural understanding and remind people of all cultures and religions that we share a common humanity.” – R.E.M., 2004

In 2004, R.E.M. joined musicians from all over the world in celebration of Daniel Pearl’s World Music Days. During the month of October, concerts across the globe are dedicated to the idea that music is a force of unity, able to bridge gaps between people of different nations, cultures and beliefs. All musicians are invited and encouraged to participate by dedicating a concert to the World Music Days. R.E.M.’s first dedication was in 2004 at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, and now nearly a decade later, recently another Athens ensemble, The Clarke Middle School Orchestra, dedicated their Fall Concert to the Daniel Pearl World Music Days. With a heartfelt introduction by orchestra conductor Dr. Eunice Kang, in which she explained the foundation’s history, mission, and led a moment of silent reflection, a talented group of 6th, 7th & 8th graders showcased their talents, performing material from classics to Coldplay. The very same evening, events took place in Afghanistan, Israel, Canada, Italy and New Orleans, among others, all dedicated to the Daniel Pearl World Music Days and the power of music to unite people. It was a wonderful feeling to think of this shared experience across the globe, and to see it exemplified and embraced by a new generation of young people.

If your community has an event to share, visit danielpearlmusicdays.org to register and become part of the Daniel Pearl World Music Days.

Kevin O’Neil