32 years ago: in the studio

Bertis was doing some research this morning on the estimable and invaluable The R.E.M. Timeline (thanks Chris Hartstonge and team), and he came upon this from 32 years ago:

8-16 December 1983 – Studio A, Reflection Sound Studios, Charlotte, NC

Tracks recorded: Harborcoat / 7 Chinese Bros. / So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry) / Pretty Persuasion / Time After Time (Annelise) / Second Guessing / Letter Never Sent / Camera / (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville / Little America / Ages Of You / Burning Down / Windout / Windout (w/ Jefferson Holt & Bertis Downs) / White Tornado / Mystery To Me / Voice Of Harold / Burning Hell (Instrumental)

notes: Recording Sessions for Reckoning, with Mitch Easter and Don Dixon

Happy December everyone–and a festive season of light to all from your friends at REMHQ extended.

Photo: R.E.M., NYC (Chinatown) 1983 by our dear friend © Laura Levine … follow her @LauraLevinePix on Twitter and on Facebook; by the way, this photo is one of many of Laura’s included in “R.E.M. By MTV”