ACCELERATE was nearly ten years ago—wow!

Ten years ago the band wrapped up ACCELERATE recording at Grouse Lodge west of Dublin out in Westmeath— here’s a postcard from the time:


Grouse Lodge is a unique residential studio in the heart of Ireland— after the momentum and excitement of the working rehearsals in Dublin at The Olympia, the sessions were highly productive and it showed a few months later when ACCELERATE was released.

Here’s The R.E.M. Timeline report from the time:

9-27 July 2007 – Studio One, Grouse Lodge Recording Studios, Rosemont, Co. Westmeath, Ireland
tracks recorded included: Horse To Water / I’m Gonna DJ / Living Well Is The Best Revenge / Staring Down The Barrel Of The Middle Distance / On The Fly / Until The Day Is Done / Mr. Richards / Disguised (Supernatural Superserious) / Man-Sized Wreath / Accelerate / Houston / Sing For The Submarine / Instrumental #4 (A Month Of Saturdays) (Instrumental)
notes: Recording Sessions for ‘Accelerate’, with Garret ‘Jacknife’ Lee.