ACCELERATE is now out worldwide today and instead of any gratuitous April Fool’s day jokes, we’re giving out just the cold hard facts. It’s a fact that the band was at Rockline doing an interview with Bob Coburn up until 1:00AM this morning and then up a couple of hours later for a soundcheck in Rockefeller Plaza, where they prepared for the rousing three song set, including “Losing My Religion,” “Supernatural Superserious,” and “Hollow Man” they later played for Today. You can click HERE to watch a great stream of Hollow Man, evidently the band’s next single (or at the very least a damn good candidate) from ACCELERATE, as well as Losing My Religion and current single, Supernatural Superserious.

Be sure to tune in to the always fantastic Colbert Report on Wednesday night at 11:30pm ET for the band’s guest appearance. It should be a supernatural experience you won’t want to miss.

Back home in Athens, while the band did Rockline, the town came out to support two great local charities, Community Connection and Family Connection/Communities in Schools at the ACCELERATE Listening Party. Guests were treated to Six Days and the R.E.M. Takeaway Shows by Vincent Moon, two spins of the record, and a live auction which raised $18,000. Special thanks to all of the volunteers and Jeff Montgomery, auctioneer and organizer.

Finally, tickets for R.E.M.’s North American tour go on sale to the public this weekend, but if you’re eager to get some beforehand, we’re having an Online sale tomorrow at 10AM ET. For more information, please go HERE.