Art News Interview: Michael Discusses His New Book About Pandemic-Era Shows of Strength and Vulnerability

“I discovered aspects of myself that I never anticipated were so strong and other aspects that I never anticipated were so fragile. I’m a very fortunate person, but I lost some people and, as for everyone, 2020 was incredibly difficult in terms of allowing space for exactly what this book is about, which is being vulnerable and allowing vulnerability. What the book represents are people who are heroic to me because of their strength and also allowing vulnerability.” – Michael, Art News

In an in-depth interview with Andy Battaglia of Art News, Michael speaks about the inspiration for his latest book which involved “paying tribute to people around him while expanding his activities in different realms of art.” The new book, self-titled, is the third in a series (including Volume 1 and My Interference Times).

Read the full interview at ART NEWS.

photo by Adam Berry