That fun-loving, hard rocking band of troubadours known as The Baseball Project has completed the spring training phase of their current tour and just so happen to be in L.A. today to coincide with MLB’s Opening Day where the Dodgers take on Scott McCaughey’s favorite team, the SF Giants. Coincidence? Since we assume Scott is picking the Giants to win it all again this year, any suggestion that The BBP’s gig at the Echo tonight is a coincidence seems mighty tenuous. These guys love their rock AND they love their baseball! At any rate, we know they’ll be in fine form once again tonight so if you’re in the area, check ’em out. And, lest we forget Scott just dropped the following note in the HQ inbox and we thought you might appreciate seeing it:

Hey all —

Thanks for all the awesome support for the highly touted sophomore effort of the Baseball Project! Those on the west coast, we are upon you right now! L.A. tonight! Tour details at www.thebaseballproject.net .

Check “Souvenirs” to take a gander at our bitchin’ t-shirts… We are doing that Facebook and Twitter stuff too. Please follow if that’s your thing.

Much love, Bjorn, Benny, Frida and Oscar — The BBP!

For more great insight from The BBP, check out Steve Wynn’s video blog from Arizona where the band just finished playing six spring training warm-up shows:

…and, if you have time, read this article in the Detroit Free Press about their song “1976” which is a tribute to Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, the standout pitcher for the Tigers who captured the imagination of the country during his rookie season in, you guessed it, 1976!