Michael and Mike will be in New York City this weekend for the Big Star Third/Sister Lovers Tribute Saturday night at Mason Hall in the Baruch Performing Arts Center where they will join an all-star cast of musicians including Mitch Easter, Chris Stamey, Norman Blake, Jody Stephens, and Matthew Sweet. Both Michael and Mike are slated to sing one song from the seminal Big Star record: Michael will tackle “Kangaroo” while Mike will sing “Jesus Christ.” Read more about the tribute concert HERE. Fans can get a discount ticket to the show by typing in “rem” in the code field at the ticket link.

The show’s line-up of songs/performers will be:

1. ‘Kizza Me’ by Matt McMichaels (Mayflies USA)

2. ‘O Dana’ by Ira Kaplan (Yo La Tengo)

3. ‘For You’ by Jody Stephens (Big Star)

4. ‘Nighttime’ by Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub)

5. ‘Jesus Christ’ by Mike Mills (R.E.M.)

6. ‘Take Care’ by Ira Kaplan (Yo La Tengo)

7. ‘Big Black Car’ by Matthew Sweet

8. ‘Stroke It, Noel’ by Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub)

9. ‘Blue Moon’ by Jody Stephens (Big Star)

10. “Femme Fatale” (Singer not confirmed)

11. ‘Downs’ (Various)

12. ‘Dream Lover’ by Tift Merritt

13. ‘Holocaust’ by Django Haskins (The Old Ceremony)

14. ‘You Can’t Have Me’ by Tift Merritt

15. ‘Kanga Roo’ by Michael Stipe (R.E.M.)

16. ‘Thank You, Friends’ (Various)

We posted this article from reuters.com concerning the legacy of Third a couple of days ago. Be sure to check it out!


The Baseball Project has overcome a recent setback on their road trip to bounce back into first place in the Cactus League Tour standings. Read Steve Wynn’s ongoing road diary for all the latest developments on their current tour and check out this flicker feed for some great photos. Here’s a video clip of the band performing “Ichiro Goes to the Moon ” at the Peoria Sports Complex for Spring Training.

Please read today’s earlier post about the band’s involvement in Songs For Japan, a benefit compilation the proceeds of which will go to help the Japanese Red Cross in its recovery efforts to areas affected by the tsunami and earthquake.