Catch Michael on BBC HardTalk Next Week Beginning Monday

“I hope to continue making music and sound a part of my life for the rest of my life. It’s something I find great joy in.” – Michael in a clip from his interview with HardTalk

Be sure to tune in Monday, June 21st, for Michael’s guest appearance on BBC HardTalk with presenter Stephen Sackur where Michael will discuss his new book of photographs published by Damiani along with other topics including the music he’s working on this summer.

The episode will air on BBC World Service TV on Monday, June 21 at 0330GMT, 0830GMT, 1430GMT, & 2130GMT and again the same times on Tuesday, June 22. You can also listen on BBC World Service Radio on June 21. Finally, if you aren’t able to catch it on TV or radio, a podcast will become permanently available beginning Monday afternoon.

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