Today, a special tribute album to Mark Mulcahy, the acclaimed Miracle Legion and Polaris front man, was made available at iTunes. Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy features new interpretations of Mark’s songs by Michael Stipe, Thom Yorke, Dinosaur Jr., Mercury Rev, The National, Frank Black, Josh Rouse and many others. It is available in three configurations: a 21-track CD, a 21-track digtal download, and a 41-track deluxe download on iTunes and other digital music retailers. Michael, who contributed the track “Everything’s Coming Undone,” wrote the following post about Mark and Ciao My Shining Star:

Hey there HQ. Ive been a fan of, and friend of, and in admiration of, Mark Mulcahy for what seems like an entire century. He is the real deal and I adore him, his voice, his words, his energy and light. When his wife Melissa died suddenly, leaving him alone with twin daughters, this tribute record came together to help him out financially and otherwise. I made my track with Tom Gilroy, one of Mark’s and my best friends, and with Dub Gabriel who is his own awesome universe. I would recommend this entire record; I think its a stunning tribute to a great songwriter that there are a zillion circumstances where one of these tracks would be crazily complete and appropriate in your day to day, or night and day.

Thanks for listening! Check it out on iTunes, it came out today, or pick up the cd at the end of the month. Love and everything else!

from Michael

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