Contribute to the Palapa Society Through Today For Microsoft Match

Today concludes Microsoft’s initiative to match contributions to @palapasocietyoftodossantos, an organization near and dear to Peter’s heart. Thanks so much to all who have contributed. There’s still time to make a donation, if you’re considering it.

Here’s Peter’s message to everyone:

“As you know, I’ve spent many years working with the Palapa Society, an organization dedicated to the furthering of educational opportunities in Todos Santos, Baja California.

Until December 4th, Microsoft will match every donation made. As we all know, this has been a tough year, and this financial help is essential. Anything helps! Please pitch in.” – PETER

Make your donation to the Palapa Society through the Microsoft Alumni Network through 12-4, and they will match your contribution. Thanks again for your support.

Photo by: @countfeed (Philadelphia, 2018)