An all-star cast of artists is being assembled by X-Factor’s Simon Cowell to record “Everybody Hurts” as a charity single to aid Haiti in its earthquake recovery efforts. Cowell, joined by UK newspaper The Sun in organizing the single, said, “We are all working hard to make this single a success and to raise lots of money for Helping Haiti. We have a short time to do this and the people in Haiti need as much help as we can give them as soon as possible.”

In a conversation with The Sun yesterday, Michael told reporters that the band is honored to play a role, in any capacity, in the overall efforts to provide Haiti with relief in the wake of such tragic devastation:

THE SUN: “Everybody Hurts” has a particular resonance with British people. It was famously played on our biggest radio station Radio 1 when news of the terrorist outrage on 9/11 broke. Can I ask why the band believe it strikes such a poignant chord across the globe?

MICHAEL: How could we not say “absolutely yes!” to this appeal to help the terrible situation in Haiti? We are honored to play even a small role in trying to help. This song, since its release, has clearly taken on a life of its own. The message is very simple, and very human; and that simplicity resonates with people. It points towards our fragility and our strength, be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

THE SUN: The song’s message regarding overcoming anguish and adversity has resonated with millions since its release. The people of Haiti are now facing the ultimate adversity. How important is it that we all come together to help its inhabitants?

MICHAEL: Anytime anyone does something good, or tries to do something positive, the world shifts ever so slightly towards love and towards goodness. That is to be honored; good deeds or attempts at positivity don’t have to be boring and cartoonish. Positivity is ours to create. Life is hard, and things are hard enough, and bleak enough. We each need to fight against that, and it is within our power to do so, even in the smallest way.

Proceeds from the charity single will go to the The Sun’s Helping Haiti fund and the official Disasters Emergency Committee.

A full list of confirmed artists will be reported soon. For more on the “Everybody Hurts” charity single, please read The Sun’s story and also see this report from nme.com.