(for Lou– a personal tribute from Laura Levine featuring Michael Stipe and Pale Blue Eyes): an excerpt from JUST LIKE A MOVIE

Pale Blue Eyes, Michael Stipe R.E.M., from “Just Like a Movie,”

This is starting to percolate on the web today– an excerpt from our old friend and photographer Laura Levine’s unreleased underground Super-8 film, JUST LIKE A MOVIE. Shot over a two week period in Athens, Georgia, in 1983, the film was an improvisational project involving a group of friends that Levine felt was important to document in a place and a time that would not exist much longer.

Excerpt from JUST LIKE A MOVIE (dir: Laura Levine, 1984)

“Pale Blue Eyes” written by Lou Reed

Performed by Michael Stipe

Puddlefoot aka Jeremy Ayers

Guitar by Matthew Sweet

“Walter’s Theme” written/performed by R.E.M.

Incidental accordion music by Michael Stipe

Edited by Matt Danowski and Laura Levine

Directed, filmed and recorded by Laura Levine on location in Athens, Georgia, 1983

with love and respect to Lou Reed

from Laura Levine, who took many iconic shots of R.E.M. in the 1980s, including the one shot at Walter’s Bar BQ on West Broad in Athens:

“it’s an excerpt from the original unreleased Super-8 film “Just Like a Movie.” With the sad news about Lou Reed’s passing last week, it seemed the right time to share this particular scene, of Michael singing “Pale Blue Eyes” by the railroad tracks. (The song itself was recorded earlier that day on a Walkman, with Matthew Sweet on guitar). Jeremy Ayers makes a magical appearance as Puddlefoot.”

© Laura Levine, all rights reserved