Former R.E.M. Tour Manager Returns to Mount Kennedy

Our great friend and former tour manager Bob Whittaker has an amazing and critically acclaimed documentary film, Return to Mt. Kennedy, which, after a successful festival run over the last several months, is now available to stream. We’re all really proud of the work Bob has done over the years, both for the band and in the sphere of conservation, which, like Bob, is near and dear to the band’s heart. We hope you’ll all get a chance to see the film. In the meantime, here are Bob’s shared insights about the film:

“Hello R.E.M. family, friends and fans! I’m thrilled to announce that Return to Mount Kennedy (https://www.mtkennedy.com/) is finally available to stream. I know what you’re thinking…“how the heck did R.E.M., Eddie Vedder and the Kennedy family come together in a mountain adventure film?”. The answer for me is simple: through common threads of idealism, civic duty, human rights and conservation we are all connected.

I hope you enjoy my story, our crazy adventure, and the less traveled path taken to get there. Big thank you to team R.E.M. (band/family and crew) for their support of the film and inspiring me to work hard in my own way to make the world a better place.”

#Everytrailconnects #mtkennedy more info here: mtkennedy.com

~Bob Whittaker