Happy Anniversary from REMHQ: finally, ORIGINAL Merchandise; Peter’s Solo Record; Michael Inducting Nirvana; Mike Plugs MTV Unplugged Vinyl

Happy Anniversary! R.E.M. would have turned 34 tomorrow, April 5, 1980. A few items of note to so many people who loved (and still love) the band throughout the years:


Two weeks from tomorrow, on April 19th, we are happy to be releasing R.E.M. UNPLUGGED as a 4-LP set for Record Store Day– see here about where you can get your copy of this limited edition vinyl. The MTV Unplugged shows, in 1991 and 2001, were some of the band’s most treasured moments and with all the songs that never made it to the broadcast shows, it is really quite an epic set, if we say so ourselves. Only one song was repeated between the two nights– and can you guess which one it is!?

Mike will be doing an instore appearance to celebrate the release on Record Store Day at Bull Moose Records in greater Portland, ME– should be fun. And in May the entire record will be released on CD and normal digital channels. It is a worthy addition to any R.E.M. collection.


Michael is scheduled to induct NIRVANA into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the annual dinner coming up next week, something we all look forward to seeing.


Peter’s new record is I am Back to Blow Your Mind Once Again– it’s out in vinyl only on Mississippi Records, and it is getting rave reviews. It sounds awesome!


By popular demand REMHQ is pleased to begin the sale of new old merch– that’s right, R.E.M. Original Merchandise, the shirts that have been lovingly stored all these years in the vaults of the mists of time. We have been searching, inventorying, counting, shipping, sorting and now we are ready to begin selling the original tour merch all the way back to earliest times. Whatever we have you can buy- starting right now. Head over to the merch store and place your order for the first three new old designs– just as they were when they were hauled around the globe on the Work Tour (1987) and Monster Tour (1995). Original labels, original cotton, original everything– the actual genuine original tee-shirts! Of course, supplies are limited, as are sizes, so act now and we will do the best we can to supply your R.E.M. merchandise desires. Select posters are also available. Please stay tuned as we decide what comes next… We will do this again– these are not the only shirts and posters we have uncovered– just the first we have made available.

That’s it for this spring day– enjoy it.