Enter Discount Code LASTCHANCE2016 to receive 20% off on all apparel items & accessories in the R.E.M. Merchandise store leading up to the holiday shipping cutoff date (see below).
For Out Of Time fans, we’ve just added Shiny Happy People tees in our Originals’ section.
Ordering for Christmas 2016Below are our recommended last days for ordering in time for Christmas 2016. These are only recommendations and we suggest you order as early as possible to avoid disappointment at what is usually a busy time of year.
From the UK Webstore:
Tuesday 13 December: Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
Wednesday 14 December: Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA
Thursday 15 December: Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg
Tuesday 20 December: United Kingdom
Thursday 22 December: 1pm UK Guaranteed Next Day Service
For the US Webstore
Shipping Cut off dates for guaranteed Xmas delivery
Standard – Dec. 13th
Expedited – Dec 15th
2 Day – Dec 18th
Next Day – Dec 19th