Jason Isbell’s Georgia Blue LP Is Out Now (Includes Covers of Two R.E.M. Songs)

About a year ago, a few weeks before the 2020 election, Jason Isbell tweeted this: “If Biden wins Georgia I’m gonna make a charity covers album of my favorite Georgia songs – – R.E.M., Gladys Knight, Vic Chesnutt, Allmans, Cat Power, Precious Bryant, Now It’s Overhead, etc.… And damn is that gonna be fun.” And, as a man true to his word, Jason’s releasing  the Georgia Blue album today.


Michael says, “Jason’s version of “Driver 8” is stellar! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the record, especially Now It’s Overhead’s “Reverse”…one of my favorite songs ever! Congratulations to Jason and the 400 unit, and thank you for shining a light on these awesome Georgia-based organizations. Let’s all pitch in and keep Georgia blue!!!”


You can purchase the album here: https://ffm.to/georgiablue

Proceeds from the record will go to three organizations fighting for voting rights and democracy in our state:


Georgia STAND-UP

Black Voters Matter

Fair Fight Action


Visit Jason Isbell’s website for more information.