Joseph Arthur Reflection… “In The Sun” w/Michael Stipe

Listen to this beautiful version of Joseph Arthur’s “In The Sun” with Michael and read Joseph’s reflection just below…


In this world where everything sometimes seems to be nothing but darkness, it is music that heals and saves. It’s interesting that this attack happened in a venue whose soul purpose is to bring forth that light. And those that were attacked were simply trying to celebrate love of life and rock n roll. I think it was no accident that those forces of evil chose that type of place and event. A place of expression and freedom. A place designed to allow people to worship (in a way) spirit. When you think about it, places like this are churches in a way. And for all of us (and there are many) who are saved by music, a dark cloud has descended.
It’s design is to keep us locked in and afraid and away from the music. I think we all feel somewhat helpless in these situations. I know I do. But I do have music to offer. A little more light coming up against the dark. In that spirit here’s my song In The Sun recorded as a duet with Michael Stipe. It originally was part of an EP he made to help New Orleans during Katrina.
Hope it someway it helps and that none of us cave into fear. Sending all my love to Paris. Photo by Bill Dobrow taken last time we were in Paris. Where I found a door and was inspired to paint it in my hotel room by the endless voices of freedom, rebellion and creation that always echoes off the street there.

– Joseph Arthur
Nov. 14, 2015