Mike & Peter to Play Snow Station Vadso in March

Mike, Peter and Scott to play Snow Station Vadsø next month.

@snowstationvadso grew out of an artist residency that Michèle Noach was invited to in Arctic Norway, nine years ago. It started as a small group of musician friends joining her there for a fairly impromptu two nights of music, with some art on the side. This March it’s the fifth iteration. She took it to Japan 2017 (Kyoto & Tokyo) and London 2023 (the Royal Geographical Society), and now we’re back home in Vadsø.

According to Michèle, “It’s the biggest, most comprehensive and thrilling one so far: Music, film, art, literature, photography, onstage interviews, polar history and environment. The festival prides itself on being collaborative and egalitarian. We have some bands coming up, but many musicians come alone and form new musical alliances up here. They have four days and several rehearsal spaces before the gigs, for this to flourish. Four new bands have already formed as a result of playing at the festival, and more surprise unions are in the pipeline, including visual artists, writers and musicians.”

She adds, “We have 7 short films on the environment; there’s From Her To Eternity, a groundbreaking exhibition of women photographers in music; and two impressive art shows featuring woodcuts by a-ha’s Magne Furuholmen and sculpture by Elin Igland. We’ll be posting about the participating artists and events at Snow Station Vadsø 2024 on the usual channels, so full details there.”

The festival runs 11th – 16th March, with music on the last 3 nights. Just FYI, the majority of tickets are reserved for locals, so please check availability.