Monster Twentieth Anniversary Tip of the Hat from R.E.M. Timeline

Something that we enjoyed seeing from our intrepid friends at The R.E.M. Timeline on this twentieth anniversary of Monster today:

‘Time to blow out the candles, Monster is 20!’

Exactly 20 years ago today on 26 September 1994, R.E.M.’s 9th album ‘Monster’ was released in Europe & Australasia, & our US friends had to wait a day later to get their hands on the release.

Featuring the singles ‘What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?’, ‘Bang And Blame’. ‘Crush With Eyeliner’, ‘Strange Currencies’ & ‘Tongue’, as Michael said in the press release:

“We wanted to make a really foxy record, raw and sexy, just spit it out, We were ready to throw out the rule book.”

As well as the limited edition release, there were some nifty promo releases such as the dehydrated T-shirt (just add water!), Roly Poly Bop Punch Bag, & advanced for it’s time,

the Monster Interactive floppy disk (remember them?), where you could hear tracks, watch video & read info on the album & the upcoming R.E.M. ’95 Tour.

Happy Birthday!

Chris H