Murmur Tribute with Jason Narducy/Michael Shannon Coming February ’24

Back in July this year, Michael Shannon, Jason Narducy & Friends (including drummer Jon Wurster) celebrated the 40th anniversary of Murmur’s 1983 release in style with a show at the Metro in Chicago where they performed the band’s debut album in its entirety along with a handful of their favorite R.E.M. songs. They had so much fun that night that they’re taking the show on the road in February 2024 including a show in Athens. Read below as both guys share their thoughts on playing Murmur live:

“I cannot believe I am getting the opportunity to perform this music. These songs are magic, they are spells. That is the apex of what a band can accomplish. Having done the show at Metro, seeing the response of the audience, I felt like I had won some cosmic Powerball or something. And getting the chance to do a tour, really settle into the songs with this incredible group of musicians, I’m just so incredibly grateful!!” -Michael Shannon

“It is an absolute blast playing Murmur with Michael (Shannon) and the band. This tour will see us open with the album in sequence and then play other R.E.M. songs we love. This part of the show will vary from night to night. There are just too many amazing tunes to choose from and celebrate” -Jason Narducy


Ticket Link to the 40 Watt show on February 8: https://bit.ly/3ZDZDPf