Nuci’s Space Steeple Campaign on IndiGoGo: Support the Reconstruction

Only the holidays to go on the Nuci’s Space Steeple Campaign–please support and pick an authentic old church brick and/or other Athens Music Scene perks of distinction:


Buying a brick and making a donor wall dedication is a great way to connect with the Athens music scene. Nuci’s Space does vital work in our town by helping adult musicians in need and encouraging young musicians through the mentorship of the Camp Amped programs. The steeple campaign is their way of combining all of the support people feel for the Athens music scene with the hard and sobering work that Nuci’s Space is doing year after year. This is truly an Athens music community project, but it goes beyond geographic boundaries and connects supporters of Athens music everywhere in a creative and unprecedented fundraising campaign.

The campaign has lots of great packages currently listed from the R.E.M., the B-52s, Widespread Panic, Drive-By Truckers, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Pylon, plus great packages still to unveil from Danger Mouse, Hardy Morris, Drivin’ n Cryin’, Patterson Hood, of Montreal– gifts at all price point to offer fans of the Athens music scene over the next couple of weeks.

Nuci’s Space, a really unique and effective musicians’ resource center and much more, does vital work and improves many people’s lives– R.E.M. and every other band in town through the ages support them and we hope many others people will too!