Own A Piece of R.E.M. History: Limited Edition Photograph for a Great Cause, and a Great Friend

If you’ve been around the Athens music scene much at all, it’s likely you’re familiar with the name Chris McKay. Chris has been a stalwart on the scene for quite some time both as a musician and a photographer for Flagpole, not to mention a much-beloved Athenian and friend of REMHQ. That’s why we’re really happy to announce that one of Chris’ most iconic photographs of the band is being made available for a very good cause: Chris McKay himself.

In 2017, Chris was involved in a car accident (not his fault) that left him with a serious traumatic brain injury and vertebral artery dissection. The doctors say that Chris will “get better eventually,” but it continues to be tough going for him, so much so that he hasn’t been able to perform music–his passion–or take photographs–his day job.

Chris’ Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/helping-chris-with-medical-bills

Over the years, Chris has had a handful of R.E.M. photographs published in some of the more venerable and respected music magazines; in fact, the one being made available here appeared in both Rolling Stone and Uncut.

As you’ll see, it’s a pretty unique image of the band (Mike, Michael, Peter, and Bill) at the 40 Watt Club making a surprise appearance at the 2006 Finest Worksongs Benefit. (And the day after all 4 guys recorded “No. 9 Dream” at Chase Park for “Instant Karma,” the John Lennon covers album benefitting Amnesty International). This event was also the last time that the four of them performed publicly as R.E.M. in Athens, Georgia.

So, here’s your opportunity to own a piece of R.E.M. history while lending your support to our friend Chris in his continuing efforts to recover.

The photograph is available in three different options and details are below:

“R.E.M. at the 40 Watt, Finest Worksongs Tribute 2006”
(All prints are 11 X 14, matte printed on high quality paper)

*20 prints signed by all four members of R.E.M. and signed and numbered by the photographer for $500 (+ $5 shipping for USA, $20 outside of US).

*25 prints signed and numbered by photographer, Chris McKay for $75 (+ $5 shipping USA, $20 shipping outside of US)

*Open edition, signed by Chris McKay (unnumbered) for $50 (+ $5 shipping USA, $20 shipping outside of US)

Reserve an original print (first come, first served) at PayPal with the address chris@concertshots.com. Use the “gift / donation” option to avoid any additional fees.

Please be sure to leave full contact information, including shipping address. The prints will be sent out as soon as they can be signed and mailed.

Thank you for helping out! REMHQ