Peter Collaborates With Jack Logan On New Track

Peter and Georgia singer-songwriter Jack Logan have collaborated on a new song, “Mermaids Purse,” which you can now stream at Jack’s site, Jack Logan’s Mysterious Basement. Many of you will remember Jack’s Pete Buck Comics (cover above) from the 80’s in which he depicts Peter as a super-hero (you can also find those at Jack’s site).  Here’s what Peter had to say:


I’ve been a fan of Jack Logan’s writing for years. It seems that we have been bouncing in and out of each others lives since the eighties. I was flattered and happy that Jack requested a song to work on. As soon as i could hit a studio, I recorded something with Jack in mind and sent it flying through the ether. I’m really pleased with the results. Y’all should visit his web site: Jack Logans Mysterious Basement. It’s a pretty good pathway into the mind of the legend that is Jack Logan.

Enjoy! Peter

Listen here: