Peter Joins Eyelids Onstage for Two R.E.M. Classics in Portland

This past Friday, Peter and Portland’s Eyelids treated the crowd gathered at Mississippi Studios in Portland to rousing versions of “Radio Free Europe” and “Gardening At Night.”

Chris from Eyelids shared this: “Having Peter on stage blew everyone’s minds since we didn’t tell them he was going to play those songs with us. ‘Radio Free Europe’ was the first song I ever heard of R.E.M., and it is still, push come to shove, my favorite of theirs. It was a new language to me.” Chris added, “I also got to tell the story about how I bought RFE 7″ and wrote the band that weekend. I got a letter back from Peter saying they had never been to the NW but hoped to someday. Then he listed off an amazing bunch of bands to devour: Mission Of Burma, Gang of Four, Husker Du, @pylon.band … My life changed that day.”