Peter Remembers Blues Legend Cedell Davis

I’m sorry to note the passing of Cedell Davis, legendary blues man. I had the honor of making a record with him and touring with him in 2001. He was the real thing, a part of a lineage that stretches back to Robert Johnson. The month long tour we did was an experience that I will never forget. He was a genuine blues man, who could be kind, generous, ornery, insane, but always in touch with a tradition I had only read about. I honestly loved the guy, and I’m pretty sure he never quite figured out which one of the traveling group I was, but I always felt flattered that when he was unhappy with what was going on on stage, he yelled at me. I don’t think that a day goes by when I don’t think about him. His influence on me was huge. If you have ever been unfortunate enough to hear my solo albums, you are hearing a bit of Cedell. And he liked my bass playing. Knowing that gives me a warm feeling, so Cedell, wherever you are, make sure you raise hell and put a block underneath it.

Love always, Peter (the bass guy)