Peter Reports: New Tunes from Scott McCaughey & Some Limited LPs

Hey, hello to everyone in quarantine land! I hope y’all are hunkered down with loved ones and being careful. And watching a lot of old music stuff on YouTube. That’s what I’m doing.

On Friday May 1st, Scott McCaughey is putting up a new solo album on Bandcamp. It’s called “Sad Box and Other Hits,” recorded in the quarantine era. It’s up under the name Scott the Hoople. Bandcamp is waiving their fees for the next three Fridays, so pick it up Friday.

In semi-related news, the record label for my solo LPs is selling on Mississippi Records for a limited time. I signed some of my records, and a few rare test pressings in a very hygienic manner. This is the last of these, so grab them now.

Be safe everybody. I’ll see y’all on the other side.