Peter’s Twitter Statement

Peter’s Twitter Statement:

It has recently been brought to my attention that somebody calling himself Peter Buck has been impersonating me on Twitter. There are a couple of legitimate Peter Bucks out there; one seems like a cool surfer dude and another owns the Subway sandwich chain. Neither of them has mentioned R.E.M. The particular person in question was relaying first-hand stories about the band, politics, etc. I personally didn’t read any of it, but friends did, and we issued a takedown order. To quote Richard M. Nixon “Let me make this perfectly clear”: I have never been on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, dating app, ad nauseam. The only online presence I have is through REMHQ. I have a headful of idiotic ideas and theories that I could bloviate upon all day long. I choose not to and would prefer that people don’t send out their idiotic ideas in place of mine… the actual, real Peter Buck.