If you’re in the Classic City over the next few days, be sure to stop by PopFest, the multi-day music and arts festival held in downtown Athens, October 11-15. Featured acts include Bob Mould, Olivia Tremor Control, Throwing Muses, and Dead Milkmen.

The festival’s music venues are the 40 Watt Club and The Caledonia Lounge on Washington and Clayton Streets. The Poptober Fair record fair/craft show/’zine & small publishing show will take place at The Classic Center on October 15. Full festival passes are $70 and allow entry into all Athens PopFest events. Individual tickets are available for the shows at the 40 Watt Club only and can be purchased at the following places: Wednesday Night (Throwing Muses). Thursday Night (Bob Mould). Friday Night (Olivia Tremor Control, Masters of the Hemisphere). Saturday Night (Dead Milkmen, Man or Astroman?). You can find more information about the festival and tickets at ticketalternative.com.

The Athens PopFest will provide scholarships for both Camp Amped at Nuci’s Space and the Athens Girls Rock Camp. They also administer The Rachel Lamb Memorial Scholarship For The Performing Arts. This scholarship will provide financial assistance to one student from each of Athens’ high schools who are seniors on track to graduate, have been accepted to the college of their choice and will major in any area of the performing arts.