With only 2 weeks to the first show in Vancouver . . . . this is the time for making final arrangements and plans for getting this show on the road. And soon it will be time for Ready or Not! Visit our LIVE page for full details of the tour which starts May 23rd.

A few items of interest from around the world of R.E.M. and related activities.

Hollow Man Redux

The next single, Hollow Man, is due to be released June 2nd in the UK in the following configurations:

2 Track CD Single (available in both cardboard babypak and slimline jewelcase)

1. Hollow Man

2. Horse To Water (Vancouver)

Maxi CD Single

1. Hollow Man

2. Horse To Water (Vancouver)

3. Indian Summer

As the band performed the song a lot recently on the promo-tour, here are a few visuals of this great new R.E.M. song:

And as an added bonus today, here is a LINK to the video (made by the estimable CRUSH team in Toronto), shown in a video blog along with some other excellent videos.

Most notably, the new Radiohead video for All I Need if you haven’t seen it, is a Must-See as it is done in conjunction with the MTV-Europe Foundation and is a pretty powerful piece of film-making on a timely and growing issue. See this interesting interview with Simon Goff of MTV Europe who explains Radiohead’s role in raising awareness about human trafficking. (Speaking of Radiohead, some of us here in Georgia, went over to ATL to see them last night at Lakewood Amphitheatre and were treated to a wondeful show early in their

US tour (I couldn’t find an ATL show review this morning but thought this one from Ben Ratliff in the other day’s New York Times did a good describing and analyzing their show). We can’t wait to overlap with

them in Europe some this summer (e.g. Amsterdam, Wester Park, Radiohead, July 1; R.E.M, July 2) And stay tuned on Monday for more Hollow Man visual news.

– a couple of stories in the Athens Banner-Herald recently caught our attention, and that paper is to be commended on their series on Future Digital Life:

Online Athens 1

Online Athens 2

-Vancouver seems ready as this article in Canada.com indicates.

– one thing about the TOUR we all look forward to is the chance to see Modest Mouse and The National

-okay, now back to work, but first check out Andy Borowitz’s Report this morning.

Accelerating Soon,