Postcard From Todos Santos

The third incarnation of Peter Buck’s creation, the Todos Santos Music festival, is off to a rocking start and could just turn out to be the best one ever . . . I am pretty sure it will. The sun is hot, the music amazing, the drinks are cold and the night air inviting. The Hotel California provides a lush and comfortable backdrop and from Peter’s opening set of solo songs, through Joseph Arthur and then The Minus 5, with a nice guest fill by the estimable Casey Neill of PDX, through to Ed Kowalcyck and his rocking band from Austin, the music is the reason to be here. Along with the town, the food, the friends and people who have traveled from all over. It’s definitely the place to be in that lull between the holidays and the Super Bowl. Last night was the only first night and it goes on for another full week– with more music on the way.

For some great coverage from here on the ground, see the great R.E.M. Timeline and the festival’s official site.

Hola . . . ciao!