Happy to report the recording went great in Vancouver. Hard to believe 3 weeks went by that fast. Many songs shaping up nicely, although I will resist the temptation to try and describe them, especially since many will be able to hear them live in Dublin in about a month (and others will somehow find a way I imagine). The guys are happy to be back in the studio for the first time In a while and Jacknife Lee is a very positive presence; I see why he has been so successful as a producer of so many good records over the past few years. All in all, things couldn’t be better for the band. . . early stages yet, but so far, so good. And Vancouver is still one of everyone’s favorite places, which I guess is why they keeping choosing to record here. Plenty to do, distinctive neighborhoods, tremendous natural beauty: there is nowhere nicer to be in May. And from what I remember, Dublin ain’t bad in July!

Happy Summer,