The band has joined the Athens Area Arts Council’s campaign to make riding the bus in Athens a fun and inspirational experience for everybody. “Art Rocks!” is a collaborative public and private partnership designed to create artist-designed bus shelters to transform basic public transportation in Athens, GA. The Arts Council selected “Beat a Drum” (Reveal, 2001) as the theme music for the video accompanying their campaign, and the band was very excited to lend a hand.

Four extraordinary, artist-designed bus shelters, chosen by a jury composed of community leaders, Athens Transit bus drivers, and local bus riders, recognize the Athens’ music scene which has brought national attention to our town for decades. Two shelters, “Beat A Drum” and “Murmur” honor the band’s music. A third shelter brings to life the renowned B-52’s “Love Shack”. The fourth shelter is itself magically musical, with flute-like bars that create enchanting melodies as the wind drifts through.

Valerie Aldridge of the Athens Area Arts Council said, “R.E.M has now contributed their music to support this complimentary video in hopes that it will inspire you to contribute also. Please join us in this unique opportunity to visually show how much we all care for our very own community, our public transportation, our musicians, our artists, our people; and show all who visit this iconic, diverse little town how truly inspirational we really are!”

Consider making a contribution to the campaign at athensarts.org.