Since the time we found out that R.E.M. was getting inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon, Georgia, we began planning an exhibit for the museum. Being the art director, it fell into my hands to coordinate everything from the content to the design and installation. It is safe to say that I have never done anything like this before.

Trying to encapsulate 20+ years of history in a 21 foot glass case was going to be a fun challenge. I dug through the band’s archives, looking for career milestones. Being a fan from way back, it was exciting to have a reason to dig through old boxes that haven’t been opened in years. I wanted to make a display that would show the band’s history to those who were unfamiliar, as well as excite the long-time fan with rare minutia. I hope I succeeded.

The display has over 120 items. Over 60 rare photos and posters create the backdrop, and instruments and clothing fill the space. The mandolino on which Peter wrote Losing My Religion is there, as well as Mike’s famous green Nudie suit. Original artwork from Chronic Town and Murmur, up to New Adventure is included. We have laminates, backstage passes and even hand written lyrics from Document.

It was an epic installation, taking 4 months to compile, and 7 hours to install. Thanks to my wife, Hillary, for hours of hard work and eating bad fast food. She was a life-saver.

I hope everyone gets a chance to make it to Macon to see the display. There is no set end date for the exhibit, but it should be there for the next 9 months.

Hope you like it,