R.E.M. Unplugged, 1991 & 2001 sessions, Available Individually on Vinyl September 1 (International) and September 2 (N. America)

We are excited to announce that the band’s two landmark MTV Unplugged performances (1991 & 2001) will be released on vinyl individually Monday, September 1 (International), and Tuesday, September 2 (North America). Earlier this year, Rhino released audio from both shows for the first time as a limited four-LP vinyl set for Record Store Day 2014, and the collection sold out instantly. Due to popular demand, we are releasing the 1991 and 2001 performances, individually, on high quality vinyl. Each of the vinyl sets features the entire performance, including the additional songs not aired on the original broadcasts.

Pre-Orders Are Available Here:

R.E.M. MTV Unplugged 1991http://smarturl.it/Unplugged1991

R.E.M. MTV Unplugged 2001http://smarturl.it/Unplugged2001

As many know, R.E.M. is the only band with the unique distinction of having appeared on the iconic show twice. The “Unplugged” performances are sonic snapshots that capture the guys at important points on their journey from alternative-music trailblazers to international stars who have sold more than 85 million records.

These two-LP sets serve to foreshadow another monumental release from R.E.M. coming later in the year that will dig further into the vaults of MTV. Look for more information to be announced soon.


1991 Unplugged

Side One

1.”Half A World Away”

2.”Disturbance at the Heron House”

3.”Radio Song”


Side Two

1.”Perfect Circle”

2.”Fall on Me”


4.”Love Is All Around”

Side Three

1.”Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”

2.”Losing My Religion”

3.”Pop Song 89″


Side Four


2.”Swan Swan H”*

3.”Rotary 11″*

4.”Get Up”*

5.”World Leader Pretend”*

2001 Unplugged

Side One

1.”All The Way To Reno (You’re Gonna Be a Star)”


3.”At My Most Beautiful”


Side Two

1.”So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)”

2.”Losing My Religion”

3.”Country Feedback”


Side Three

1.”Imitation of Life”

2.”Find the River”

3.”The One I Love”*


Side Four

1.”Beat a Drum”*

2.”I’ve Been High”*

3.”I’ll Take the Rain”*

4.”Sad Professor”*

* Not included in original television broadcast/i>