With four days to go before November 4th, here’s a quick look at 4 of the most informative links we’ve found leading up to Tuesday’s big election.

(1) Green Greenwald’s opinion column at Salon.com

(2) Andrew Sullivan gives conservatives ten reasons why they should vote for Obama

(3) The Best of Salon on:



…and in the

War Room with David Plouffe

(4) The Economist

Remember, get out and vote for your candidates on Tuesday, and if you have any concerns about your vote, please consult our post from earlier in the week which provides a great deal of useful information about the voting process and how to make sure your vote counts. Also, be sure to share this phone number: 866-OUR-VOTE! OurVoteLive.org collects and analyzes reports from calls to the 866-OUR-VOTE hotline, which is staffed by hundreds of volunteers across the country. Tested during the presidential primaries, the site is already documenting over a thousand examples per day of voters needing information or reporting problems such as registration and ID issues, difficulties with voting machines, and polling place accessibility issues. (thanks for the reminder, Progressive Blog Digest).

P.S.: and while on the subject, some of our go-to sites for following the US elections over the years, months and now days to go:

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