The No Ones Christmas Single is Out Today

The No Ones, (Peter, Scott, Frode Strømstad, and Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen have a new song up now: “A Christmas Voice (I Don’t Want To Bring You Into This World)”: https://ffm.to/achristmasvoice


Scott provides the backstory on the song:


“There’s something still alluring about creating new holiday hits.  But it’s all been said, right?  One can only write so many songs with candy canes, St. Nick, and chestnuts. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)  


I felt something a little stronger was in order this year, when rights are getting stripped away at a frightening rate. So I just took some chords of Frode’s and started in. I guess the choir here (no Walter Schumann Chorale this time) seems to feel like religion is where everything went wrong, and led us to a world at its worst, with greedy old men calling all the shots and leaning on “God” for back-up.    


That being said, it’s a snappy tune with sleigh-bells a-plenty! Arne added mono drums, vocals, and mellotron merriment, and Peter came up with signature Fender 6-string bass riffs and 12-string chime (that’s 18 strings in all!). Frode and I sang our plaintive hearts out.  


We hope you enjoy this meaningful missive from Norway via Portland, Oregon, and add it to your favorite holiday playlists for years to come. Or as long as its voice is needed.”