Finally over jet lag from europe and commuting each day from nyc to philly,
today we rehearse with springsteen which is very exciting. Tonight is the
first debate on tv and were all praying and hoping for the best. I will be
wearing my dorky vote tie which may be lucky, at the very least super

The train from penn station to philly south street is stunning, its been
awhile since I jumped on a high speed train, although the only ‘big bouquet’
I have is the new box set which I received this morning—it is a stunner
and I cant wait for people to see it…

Press in europe was wild, one day we had 82 journalists and photographers
but we made it through. And it actually wasn’t that awful. Just tiring.

Were all finding our adrenaline levels and looking forward to seeing bruce
and his gang and the bright eyes gang. It will be great to not talk about
playing but actually get up there and do it. And for the vote for change
tour its great to feel like we are at least doing what we can do, even in
our small way, to turn around this election and encourage the vote.

Enjoy the pics. I am still asleep here with my first coffee of the day