Bertis reports: Band finishing work on the record in Nashville. All going well, songs sounding great; the band, ably assisted by Jacknife and team, in the homestretch of making what sounds to me like a great R.E.M. record. And between New Orleans, Berlin, and Nashville, you would be hard-pressed to find three more musical and inspriing places in which to work. Having Anton Corbijn in town was pretty special as it has been a while since any of us has seen Mills, Stipe, and Buck through Anton’s eyes and lens. And Nashville provided some pretty characterful backdrops. It was certainly memorable working with Anton on the eve of the release of his heralded new movie, THE AMERICAN, which opened at the top of the Box Office its first week– go see it! More later, but that’s about it for now. Can’t wait for people to hear this one.

World Cafe host David Dye recently interviewed Gary Lightbody and Peter Buck about their involvement in the Tired Pony project. He also played live recordings from Tired Pony’s debut performance at the London Forum earlier this year in July. Check it out HERE.

And speaking of Tired Pony, as we reported last week, they will release the second single from their debut album The Place We Ran From next month. The single, “Get On The Road,” will be available as a download in an exclusive iTunes bundle (including a non-album track “Silver Atoms,” plus a video for “Get On The Road”) on September 26th.

Nice R.E.M. mention in THE SEATTLE WEEKLY from Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic.

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p.s. here’s a nice story that caught our eye in the local paper this morning about a needed and effective program here in Athens and its schools– all down to one person wanting to do something to help…

p.p.s. a very thoughtful editorial posted today by our friend Michael Keegan titled “Forget the Pastor. Let’s Talk About the Extremists to Worry About.”