WUOG 90.5 FM, the student run station at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA, will celebrate R.E.M.’s 30th anniversary by playing R.E.M. songs for 5 STRAIGHT HOURS on Monday, April 5th, 2010, from noon until 5 p.m. EST.

WUOG, 90.5 FM.

According to WUOG’s Jordan Stepp and Local Music Director William Kennedy, bands that have achieved mass popularity like R.E.M. are typically not played on the station’s airwaves. But, they added, “We consider R.E.M. one of our own so we’re throwing a party, complete with cupcakes!” The pair will be spinning through 30 years of albums, b-sides, covers, and bootlegs, and there may even be a surprise or two…

Here is the playlist from April 5th:


REM @ 30

All the best of REM

Artist Song Album Composer

R.E.M. Wolves, Lower Chronic Town Live in Toronto 1983 Big

R.E.M. Gardening at Night Chronic Town Live at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame

R.E.M. Boxcars (Carnival of Sorts) Chronic Town Live at the Olympia

R.E.M. 1,000,000 Chronic Town …And I Feel Fine

R.E.M. Stumble Chronic Town Tyrone’s 5/12/81


R.E.M. Radio Free Europe Murmur

R.E.M. Pilgrimage Murmur

R.E.M. Laughing Murmur

R.E.M. Talk About the Passion Murmur

R.E.M. Moral Kiosk Murmur

R.E.M. Perfect Circle Murmur

R.E.M. Catapult Murmur

R.E.M. Sitting Still Murmur

R.E.M. 9-9 Murmur

R.E.M. Shaking Through Murmur

R.E.M. We Walk Murmur

R.E.M. West of the Fields Murmur

R.E.M. Living Wells The Best Revenge Accelerate WOO!

R.E.M. Man-Sized Wreath Accelerate Kick it out, like you don’t care

R.E.M. Supernatural Superserious Accelerate

R.E.M. Hollow Man Accelerate

R.E.M. Houston Accelerate

R.E.M. Accelerate Accelerate

R.E.M. Until the Day Is Done Accelerate

R.E.M. Mr. Richards Accelerate

R.E.M. Sing for the Submarine Accelerate for Ethan Kaplan

R.E.M. Horse to Water Accelerate

R.E.M. I’m Gonna DJ Accelerate

R.E.M. Radio Free Europe Strange Currencies EP Radio Free ATHENS

R.E.M. Lightnin’ Hopkins Document 1987!

R.E.M. Star 69 Monster

R.E.M. Departure Rome Soundcheck version

R.E.M. End of the World (Simpsons)

R.E.M. Flowers of Guatamala Lifes Rich Pageant

R.E.M. Good Advices Fables of the Reconstruction

R.E.M. Losing My Religion Out of Time Acoustic version via MTV

R.E.M. Walk Unafraid Up From REM LIVE

R.E.M. Hippy Hippy Shake WUOG ARCHIVES

R.E.M. Wanderlust Athfest 10

R.E.M. Untitled Green

R.E.M. Worst Joke Ever Live at the Olympia

R.E.M. Belong Out of Time Acoustic version via MTV

R.E.M. Tom’s Diner Check out Buck’s dancing on the clip on youtube…

R.E.M. She Just Wants to Be Reveal From REM LIVE

R.E.M. Nightswimming Automatic for the People Happy Birthday Tony, master of all REM video knowledge.

R.E.M. Walter’s Theme Dead Letter Office

R.E.M. Staring Down the Barrel of the Middle Distance REM Live at the Olympia

R.E.M. Permanent Vacation Tyrone’s 5/12/81

R.E.M. Where’s Captain Kirk? REM Fanclub Single

R.E.M. Pretty Persuasion dunno Big loud boo to mike mills, lol

R.E.M. Fascinating Reveal (Beta)

R.E.M. Dream Athens GA Inside Out Mike can smell ants…

R.E.M. Time After Time/Red Rain/So. Central Rain For Jeff

R.E.M. Wall of Death For John K.


R.E.M. Mike Mills birthday sled to hell stuff

R.E.M. Inside Out Tourfilm For BED

R.E.M. World Leader Pretend Tourfilm

R.E.M. Orange Crush Radio Song

R.E.M. Narrator Happy Birthday KO!

R.E.M. The Lion Sleeps Tonight The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight Single

R.E.M. Furry Happy Monsters Sesame Street

R.E.M. Moon River

R.E.M. The One I Love Acoustic version via MTV Big

R.E.M. Leave

R.E.M. On the Fly REM Live at the Olympia

R.E.M. Country Feedback Live at Twickenham


R.E.M. Throw Those Trolls Away From the Upcoming Fables of the Reconstruction 25th Anniversary Edition Remaster (Bonus Disk) THANKS REM!!!


R.E.M. Radio Song Out of Time Live Acoustic

R.E.M. Texarkana For J and W

R.E.M. Rotary Ten Dead Letter Office For John K.

R.E.M. Suspicion Live in Studio

R.E.M. Sing for the Submarine Accelerate Take Away Show For Ethan Kaplan

R.E.M. Man on the Moon REM LIVE