32 Years Ago Today… R.E.M. at Shea Stadium

It was 32 years ago today: R.E.M. played Shea Stadium. Memories that day: It rained. Peter was energetic, well above the stage much of the set, which was all of 15 minutes, tops. They wowed some people, the ones who’d braved the elements to be there huddled in front of the stage. The nice new tan van, a Dodge, looked tiny in the loading areas of the massive stadium. We didn’t care. It was fun, but in a really weird way. Rock.

Great photo from the day by our friend Laura Levine; check out her amazing pics & follow Laura on Instagram & Twitter: @lauralevinepix

The R.E.M. Timeline has the details:

18 August 1983 – Shea Stadium, Flushing, NY

audience: 67,000

supporting: Joan Jett, The Police

set: 1,000,000 / Catapult / Pilgrimage / Radio Free Europe / Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)