A Footnote To Fairly Recent History

A footnote to fairly recent history: our good friend from back in the early Warner Bros days, Jeff Gold, sent me this editorial from the NY Times:


This is notable for a couple of reasons: it reminded us of The Motor Voter Bill, on which the Supreme Court recently relied to invalidate Arizona’s (and hopefully Georgia’s) unconstitutional anti-immigrant voting registration law. That was the bill that R.E.M. popularized by including a “postcard to your congressperson” on the then-required “long-box” wasteful CD (remember CDs?!) packaging for the 1991 Out of Time release (Jeff’s idea) and helped get the issue on the radar screen of official Washington DC; then when President Clinton signed it in early 1993, R.E.M. was invited to attend the White House for the ceremonial festivities . . . a nice Rock The Vote memory and hey, great to see Justice Scalia on the right side of a case these days.

Bertis Downs